Our Team

       Lonnie started Limestone Construction with Dana Green in 2009.  As President of Limestone, Lonnie has performed & managed over 600 projects as small as changing a door to ground up 5,500+ SF buildings.  Lonnie has extensive experience in performing and managing interior renovations both with and without closing operations, in various industries including but not limited to restaurant, retail, municipal, office, TI, religious facilities, government, and medical.

Dana had the opportunity to learn field operations as well as work toward establishing lines of credit, eventually achieving TERO and HUBZone status and learning how to work efficiently and effectively with employees, owners, architects, and subcontractors. She had no choice but to learn quickly in a new industry working on fast-paced projects. During these years we realized the men and women who work for Limestone are ultimately the determining factor in how successful the company and our projects are.  We look for those who are experienced and capable, as well as share our commitment to quality, and relationships, As a result of everyone's hard work and experience the company began to grow. 

Here you will find more information about each member of our team and the impact they have on Limestone!

 Lonnie Green:


 Starting his career in 1989 as a laborer and working his way up through the ranks in multiple trades, he obtained President status at another company for 2 years before he was motivated to start his own construction company. Inspired by the Limestone rock and formations that flow through his hometown, Limestone was born in February 2009. Since, he has managed over 600 projects of various sizes and types, including Construction Maintenance, TI, Build-Outs, Additions, and Ground Ups. As well as multiple Industrial Offices, Retail, Restaurants, Religious, Medical, Schools, Industrial and Government facilities. With 34 years of growth and knowledge, Limestone is not only a General Contractor but also a Certified Construction Management Firm, and allows our team to work more closely with the architects and owners of our projects to deliver the best possible budget, schedules ,and results. 

Dana Green 

Vice President 

In a new industry working fast-paced projects, she had no choice but to adapt and learn quickly. In her 11th year in construction, Dana has now worked just as long in the industry as she did teaching. The lessons on the job and dealing with quick turnarounds and needing to make efficient decisions have led to a kind of on-the-job training that would be difficult to replicate in the classroom. When Lonnie wanted to start Limestone, she did not hesitate to register Limestone as a Business and set the foundation of the company that we are today. Dana managed to register  Limestone with the BBB and VERO and obtain HUBZone and TERO status. She established lines of credit and managed all internal operations from Accounting,  Marketing, Human Resources,  Compliance, Forms,  Documentation, and Procedures! Dana managed and maintained all this from their home the first few years in business, while Lonnie was traveling throughout Oklahoma,  Missouri, and Arkansas landing and completing projects. Together they achieved growth and success and the solid foundation Limestone sits on today. Today Dana is also a member of the Owasso Chamber and on the Chamber Board of Directors. 

  Kerri Robinson

 Executive Coordinator / Marketing

  After completing her high school education, Kerri embarked on a journey that led her to become an Office Information Specialist, graduating from OSU-IT. Her passion for the construction industry drove her to dive headfirst into the field, gaining invaluable hands-on experience with various companies. This immersive experience allowed her to acquire a well-rounded understanding of operations, accounting, procedures, customer service, and human resources within the construction domain. For the past 5 years, she has been a pivotal member of Limestone Construction, contributing significantly to their success. In her multifaceted role, she has been involved in day-to-day operations, human resources, compliance, safety, billing, and data management. Her versatility and proficiency have made her an integral part of the team, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across various aspects of the company. While being an asset to Limestone, she also participates in several other organizations such as Tulsa Young Professionals, Owasso Chamber, and Tulsa Renewable Business Alliance. 

Terry Miser 

Director of Operations 

Terry is a 25-year military veteran commitment to excellence in all he does. Throughout his journey, he has served in various leadership roles, each contributing to his well-rounded skill set. During his this time, Terry learned valuable leadership lessons from guiding and inspiring his teams in the most challenging situations. His ability to motivate and lead from within earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and subordinates alike. Terry used this time to focus on training units and applying results-based performance principles through his roles. Terry's focus on communication and his dedication to developing people translated to improved performance and consistent results. In the subsequent 7 years of his military career, Terry served in operations, where he successfully orchestrated complex operations, prioritizing mission objectives while ensuring the safety and well-being of his team members. After his military service, Terry transitioned into the civilian sector, bringing his leadership and management skills to the field of education. For 8 years, he served as an Operations Director for a K-12 school district, where he continued to make a profound impact.  His outward-focused approach fosters strong relationships with stakeholders, valuing their perspectives and working collaboratively to achieve shared goals. One of Terry's greatest strengths lies in his application of situational leadership principles. He adapts his leadership style to suit the needs of each unique situation, empowering his team members and encouraging their growth and development.

Kent Inouye

Business Development

 Kent's leadership style is centered on building cohesive teams, motivating individuals, actively listening to stakeholders, and adeptly solving challenges as they arise. Throughout his 30-year career, Kent has honed his skills in effective communication with architects, engineers, owners, and construction staff. This open and productive communication ensures that all stakeholders are aligned, leading to smoother project execution and successful outcomes.  Kent's leadership style is characterized by fairness and approachability. He values each team member's contributions and fosters a collaborative work environment where everyone feels empowered to excel. Kent's commitment to safety and keen attention to detail further enhance his ability to create an environment where high-quality work is a top priority. Kent's impressive track record includes successfully handling all levels of projects from renovations to multi-million-dollar budget campuses. His confidence, determination, and unwavering conviction in setting the right course drive the team to deliver results within established timelines and budgetary parameters.

Gabriel Green

Safety Coordinator

Throughout his academic and professional pursuits, he has acquired an uncommon skill set that is invaluable in the construction industry, particularly in matters of safety. His background in the medical field reinforces the significance of patient and employee safety, instilling in him a deep commitment to maintaining high safety standards within construction projects.

During his time working in hospitals, he witnessed the results of unsafe working environments. These experiences enhance his understanding of safety protocols, risk management, and crisis response, which he successfully applies to construction projects to create secure and controlled working environments.

AC (Tony) Mitchell

Pre-Construction Manager/ Estimator

AC is a highly experienced professional with an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the commercial and industrial construction industry. His journey began in 1990 when he joined the Carpenters Union as an apprentice, laying the foundation for his extensive expertise. Throughout the years, AC has honed his skills and gained valuable insights while overseeing and managing projects of all sizes, always ensuring they are completed within the designated schedule and budget. From concrete to finish carpentry, AC's hands-on experience encompasses a wide range of trades, granting him a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of construction procedures. His proficiency in interpreting drawings and contract documents sets him apart as a competent and versatile expert. AC's remarkable attention to detail is a defining characteristic that has made him an invaluable asset in the preconstruction department at Limestone Construction. With his vast knowledge of construction practices and his ability to scrutinize project specifications meticulously, AC ensures that all aspects of a project are thoroughly examined and accurately prepared for seamless execution. His many years of field experience have instilled in AC a practical approach and a unique ability to identify potential challenges early on, proactively finding solutions to prevent delays and cost overruns.

John Phillips


John is a seasoned professional with an impressive 27-year track record in the construction industry. Throughout his career, he has successfully undertaken a diverse range of projects, spanning commercial, retail, restaurant, industrial, and medical sectors. As a Licensed Master Plumber, he has demonstrated a high level of expertise and proficiency in his field. John founded and managed a plumbing company successfully for an impressive 25 years. During this time, he gained invaluable insights into various aspects of the construction business, including hiring, scheduling, and efficiently managing large crews and multiple projects simultaneously. His firsthand experience as an owner and contractor has honed his ability to handle complex projects with ease. One of John's most remarkable attributes is his infectious enthusiasm and approachable demeanor. He has an innate ability to make contractors and customers feel at ease and engaged, fostering a strong sense of teamwork during projects. His dedication to ensuring that all parties are well-informed and comfortable throughout the construction process sets him apart as a true professional. John's exceptional skills allow him to complete projects with precision and timeliness. He is known for staying on schedule, even in the face of unexpected delays, displaying his commitment to delivering outstanding results. Due to his remarkable reputation and skill set, Limestone was quick to recognize John's potential, and they eagerly welcomed him to their team after he decided to step down from his company.