Meeting with Architects, Developers, & City Planning. Put projects out for Bid to Contractors. Evaluate proposals and provide suggestions to clients. Select Awarded Contractors. Issue Contracts.

Project Timeline and Cost Finalization. Permitting secured.

Scheduling & Budgeting

Signed contracts and compliance returned to Limestone. Limestone and Subcontractor mobilization starts!

Rough grade of site, building footings, slab forms, site plumbing and electrical. Concrete pouring, lumber delivery, framing, roofing, insulation, masonry and windows.

Exterior Build-Out

Interior Build-Out

Final plumbing and electrical, kitchen installs, hood vents, back-of-the-house stainless steel, flooring, HVAC systems, dry wall and first coats of paint.

Final coats of paint, moving in restaurant furniture / anything supplied by the franchise owner, final inspections, and last but not least, key turnover to client.

Finishing Touches

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